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Enrolment Information

Our Practice is currently accepting new patients. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Enrolment Procedure

Enrol at our Practice by filling in the enrolment form (one for each person.)

Everyone 16 years and over MUST sign their own form.

You cannot enrol someone else (apart from your children under 16 years of age.)

Once enrolment forms are received we will then request your notes from your previous surgery.

All new patients 18 years and over are asked to complete an Adult New Patient Questionnaire which informs us of your personal and medical details.

Proof of Eligibility to Enrol as a New Patient

From May 2011 the Ministry Of Health require us to see proof that all patients enrolling in a medical practice are eligible for patient subsidies. Therefore along with your completed enrolment form we require 3 forms of identification and we need to see the following documentation before we can enrol any new patients. Until this is completed the patient can’t receive subsidised Healthcare.

1. Firstly we must sight either:

Your Passport with any relevant permits/visas to verify eligibility

OR your New Zealand Birth Certificate

2. & 3. And then two other forms of Identification (if we haven’t sighted your passport then we will need to sight a photo I.D.)

Driver’s Licence

Proof of Address

Community Services Card or Super Gold Card

School / Tertiary ID Card